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Intelligence. Empathy. Truth. Agility.

Lynx Global Intelligence (LGI) is a risk advisory group and consulting firm engaged in providing “ground truth” analysis, helping clients consider the entire “ecosystem” in which they are operating.

Based on insightful and diverse analytical models and social media intelligence, Lynx illuminates risk and opportunities. When combined with human security and environmental lens, Lynx provides actionable intelligence that support projects and organizations around the world.

Lynx Global Intelligence delivers innovative analysis and collaborative strategies to tackle global concerns. Lynx provides a “1080° Ecosystem Analysis™” and real-time visual immersion tools to mitigate threats, before they occur, as well as expose and forecast potential unseen competitive opportunities.

Lynx is your private advisor to uncover ground conditions, reveal social media sentiment and demonstrate cultural factors that may be affecting your business or organization.

Rough waters?  Lynx Global Intelligence is your business beacon.




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